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Leather By Jean has been in business over 50 years making high-quality leather products from only the finest materials available. Our leather products are all hand-made and individually created. There are no machines or automation in our process. Each of our leashes are hand punched, braided, and assembled. Our tooled leather is no exception. Every step of the way is done by hand. Punched by hand, dyed by hand, and sewn together by hand. This is the only way to ensure that we continue to produce the same high quality product that has been created for the last 50 years. We believe this is what will keep our returning customers coming back, and continue to earn us new customers as well. All latigo products are made from high quality burgundy latigo, sourced from reliable and sustainable tanneries whom we have selected due to being able to provide strong, durable products. Our tooling leather is of the same supreme quality as our leashes, ensuring that all tooling and dying done to it will look as good 10 years from now as it does today. Our snaps and hardware are available in brass or silver. (If you wish to have silver hardware, please make note of it in the comments of your order, otherwise all leashes are manufactured with brass hardware due to it being a superior performing product to its silver counterpart.)

Though we primarily have made this site to sell our leather and buffalo hide leashes, as they are the most popular of our items, this is by no means the extent of what we can provide. We can make or alter virtually any leather product you wish. We have altered harnesses for assistance dogs, sold products to police canine handlers, fabricated items for seeing eye groups, sold countless numbers of leashes to agility/showmanship/obedience clubs involved with 4-H and individual trainers, and provided specialty leads for dog trainers through the California prison systems. We have also made untold numbers of other leather products such as keychains, billfolds, wallets, correction tabs, etc. Many of these items are simply not an out-of-the-box solution because they are custom made for each person, so listing them on our store is just not feasible. For this type of item, please simply contact us and we will get back to you promptly for more information and to provide a quote.

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